09 May 2014


I’ve been hearing about kefir for a while now, but have not had a chance to actually try it for myself.  When I heard that my friend, Lantau Mama, was running a class, I immediately signed up.  It was a great opportunity to meet up with her again (after 7 years!*) and also to finally learn what kefir is all about and how I can make my own.  (Please click through on the kefir link above to find out more about what it is.)

Water kefir-C

This (above pic) is my first go at water kefir.  It’s now fermenting, so perhaps by tomorrow noon or a bit later, I will be drinking my own homemade probiotic drink.  I’m so looking forward to sneaking some of this into popsicles for the kids.

*LM and I first met when I was pregnant with Zoe and she was pregnant with her daughter.  Our girls are two weeks apart.  Her family moved away to Beijing, but we stayed in touch –mainly through FB.  We somehow hadn’t had a chance to meet up since she came back to HK a couple of years ago… until now!

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