01 May 2014


It’s always that bit daunting to venture outside our comfort zone.  But we never know what we might be capable of until we try.


Josh had a chess tournament today.  Instead of signing him up for his category, his coach suggested that Josh sign up for the next category up –and play with older (and perhaps more experienced) kids.  I wasn’t so sure about that, but we did as he suggested.  I eventually came around and agreed that it probably would be best for Josh.  He would get the experience of playing against older players and perhaps boost his confidence should he actually win against some of them.




Well, out of a pool of 60 players in the category, Josh came in 14th.  We are all very proud of him that he did as well as he did.  There were 7 games in all and he won 3, had 2 draws (0.5 points each), and lost 2 –for a total of 4 out of 7 points.  For reference, the boy who won 1st place had a total of 6.5 points, followed by #2 with 5.5 points.  Third to 9th place winners all got 5 points; #s 10-13 each got 4.5 points. 


I think that out of all the tournaments that he’s been in so far, this is the one that he felt the best about –even though he did better in the other tournaments.  Josh felt good about himself that he took on older and better players and came away with a pretty good result overall.  


Sometimes we just need to stretch ourselves just that little bit and we might surprise ourselves with what we could actually do.


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