05 June 2014

Sweet Pandora | Recovering Deleted Pics

These pictures you see here below?  They were deleted from my SD card by nosy little fingers playing with my camera.  These ones and quite a number of other photos along with them.  I was very upset, but Zoë was really apologetic.  I had to keep reminding myself to breathe.

As soon as we got home from Macau, I was online searching for ways to somehow recover the deleted pictures and found the Pandora Recovery Wizard (free download here).  I installed it, followed the instructions, and ran the program.  Very straightforward.  Lo and behold, the deleted pictures were all there!  I managed to recover them, but a few of the retrieved files were corrupted, but I am grateful nonetheless for the rest that have ‘survived.’ 

According to the article I read, as long as you hadn’t taken any new pictures after the photos had been deleted, you should be able to retrieve the deleted files.  The problem, though, was that I didn’t know that the pics had been deleted (because somebody-who-shall-not-be-named didn’t want to get into trouble) and I had continued taking more photos.  I was really worried that the program wouldn’t be able to help at all.  Not only were my recently deleted photos all there, even the ones that had been deleted months and years ago were there, too (in case I’d wanted to retrieve those, too)!

I’m hoping that none of you would have to go through an “Oh no!” moment like mine, but if you do, know that there is a way to recover deleted pictures.






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