10 June 2014

The Creativity Project | Storytelling {Found: One Little Girl}

{This is an old blog post from about four years ago (!), but I thought it suited this month's theme perfectly.  What's more, this is one of my favorite posts ever and paints an accurate picture of what a darling little rascal our little girl is.  I will post some of the pics that I'd originally taken for this month's theme on our Facebook page instead.}

One fine day, a little girl went walking in the park with her family. 


They had a picnic of dragon fruits,


clementines, bananas, pears, peanut butter sandwiches, and strawberry Oreos.

Their daddy chilled.


The little girl and her brother ran around.  They took turns on the scooter. 


They played at the playground.


It was a really fun day.
When it was time to go home, the little girl felt sad… and a bit mad.
She did not want to leave.  She still wanted to play.
She went boneless.


She slumped against a trash bin.


She sulked.


The sight of this sweet and sorry-looking little girl made me stop
and ask, “Little girl, do you want to come home and live with us?” 
She looked up.  A small smile crept across her face. 

{She loves games of pretend.}

I asked her what her name was.
She said, “Zoë. But you can call me Rascal.”  {Indeed!}
And so it came that we brought home one Rascal Girl {her words!}. 
A little rascal that has turned out to be a rather sweet little girl, the sweetest little girl there is.


Even when she throws a tantrum.


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