16 July 2014

Berry Summer

We went blueberry picking last week.  The very first day when the farm opened up for U-pick.  The blueberries were plump and big.   So many of them.  Instead of just looking for ripe berries, the kids were on the hunt for the biggest, plumpest blueberry.  They would yell out when they think they have found one.  The others would come running over and compare it with the giant ones that they have found.  So cute. 


Each one of them had along either a bucket or a basket and we got over 10 pounds of blueberries –just between the kids and my husband, not counting yet what the cousins and my in-laws got!  That’s a whole lot of blueberries, you’d think, but we’re down to just the bag of blueberries that my MIL has frozen.  All the fresh ones have been consumed!


Of course, we just had to treat ourselves after all the hard work of picking berries!  They have these really yummy berry waffles at the farm and we just had to have some.





Dina Lettre said...

Wow...that's the way to do it! Yum!

Tamar SB said...

The berries out here this year are amazing!!

Pieni Lintu said...

Looks delicious!! :)

barbara said...

Delicious! And beautiful pictures!

Kim said...

Those look scrumptious and I love U-Pick farms. Such a fun summer memory!

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Mmmm blueberries!! I love berries. And they're so expensive here in Thailand, so I definitely ate them by the handful when I was in the US!

Natalie said...

Those look delicious! Love the pictures.

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