11 August 2014

The Creativity Project | Home {Hong Kong}

More than half of my life had been spent in a country not where I’m living right now.  My parents still live there.  Certain aspects of life there I’d still associate with home –the food, the music, the humor of its people.  For all intents and purposes, though, Hong Kong is home now. 

Hong Kong is where I’d started and built my career, where I met my husband, where we bought our first home, where we started a family.  This is where “coming home” is resoundingly meaningful each time our plane touches down when we’re coming back from somewhere else. 

View - Peak



Mon - Sep 9, 2013 photo e7a8da83-632e-4570-ac27-7cc48a3c1023_zps245ca8b8.jpg
This busy, bustling place is home.  For now.

Please visit so i blog and be wowed by the simple creativity and beauty in her images.  I am always in awe at the beauty and truth she is able to capture.  When you are done, follow on to the next person in our circle.  We’d love for you to share your photo stories, too; please share them with us over at our Facebook page!


barbara said...

Love love love these pictures!! And I'm getting lost between all the amazing photographers from one link to another.... All of them so talented!

Tamar SB said...

The view from your flat is stunning!!

I feel the same way - home will always be where my mom is, but after 4 years here in Boston in my own place with my own life - this too is home now.

/SBA said...

oh wow, singwa, i love this post. adored seeing your home via your artistic viewpoint (((love the energy of the last shot)))

Pieni Lintu said...

Lovely post!! <3

Life with Kaishon said...

Your home is unique for sure, Singwa. I love these images of your home.

Tracy P. said...

Great captures of a busy, beautiful place. I visited there in the 80s a couple of times while I was living in the Philippines. I couldn't imagine how a place that was so full of people could be so peaceful. Amazing blend of natural beauty and human creativity. Your panning shot of that bus is incredible!

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