19 September 2014

Hurray for Homework (…not really)

Sometimes a little encouragement is all that’s needed.  Josh does not enjoy doing homework.  Not because he doesn’t know how to do it, but he views homework as an unnecessary interruption to things that he’d rather be doing.  I had always had to nag remind him again and again to to finish his homework.  He would groan and complain.

Last week, he handed in his homework (which was actually done up very well).  His homework earned him “Homework Star of the Week” in his class.  He came home quite proud of that.  He said that he’s going to try to be the awardee each week.  This week, as soon as homework had been assigned, he got down to it immediately, on his own.  I love that he is more conscientious about doing his homework now.  I love it that he doesn’t wait until the very last minute and cram.  Maybe it’s his getting the award, perhaps he’s more mature now, too.  Regardless, I hope this continues on.



Tamar SB said...

Way to go Josh!! I use a homework incentive system, it tends to work!

Sarah Huizenga said...

That last minute stuff always drove me crazy with my daughter.

Kim said...

How awesome! A little positive reinforcement does seem to do the trick. Well done, Josh!

carol l mckenna said...

Gorgeous photography of one of nature's gems! happy weekend to you ^_^

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

patty said...

i just read your 'about me'-your photos of your littles are great! thank you for linking at 1440 the last few weeks... things have been a bit out of control on my end and i haven't had the chance to get around to everyone's blogs... but i do appreciate it... your work is great and makes our gallery prettier! :)
patty@ www.findingserendipity.com

NC Sue said...

Gret fall photo

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