26 September 2014

Little Blogs

I thought it would be a good idea to get the kids started on their own little blogs.  It could be a space for them to write whatever they want and have sort of a “record” of their thoughts and musings.  It would also, hopefully, keep them to a discipline of managing, organizing, and ultimately, publishing their “work.”

Both Josh and Zoë were both fine with the idea, so I went ahead and got them their blogs. Of course, Josh wants his “cool.”  He actually came up with a really great name for his –The Xtremeo Files.  Xtremeo is one of the many cool characters that he has created for his stories and it has become something of a “handle” for Josh. 


Zoë wants her blog to be “pretty.”  We worked together to come up with Zoë’s –Me, Zoë Self.  When she was little, she used to refer to herself as Zoe-self.

If you have the chance, do drop by and check them out and leave a comment for them.  They’d be super stoked. (I would, too!)


Dina Lettre said...

I love the names that they chose!

Sarah Huizenga said...

How cute and what a great way to create a visual journal for them, as well as, develop writing skills.

Tamar SB said...

I re both lat night when you shared them on FB, I was blown away by their writing! Well done kiddos!

Donna Hopkins said...

What a fabulous idea! You will reap the rewards of sharing books and learning and art with your children in ways beyond your imagination. A blog of their very own will be a place of self-expression and confidence.

Kim said...

You are a cool and wonderful mom! What a great outlet for getting them to write and express themselves!

Vanessa Morgan said...

I think it's an absolutely brilliant idea to have your kids blog too. It's a good way for them to develop their skills and be creative and probably fun for us to read too.

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