29 October 2014

Camp… Again

Josh is going away to camp again this week.   Like last year, for two nights.  He’s all packed and excited.  Unlike last year where they’d bunked in a dorm, this time they will be in sleeping bags in tents, on/near the beach.

Zoë gave him a big hug tonight and held fast.  We all gave him huge hugs and told him that we’d be thinking of him while he’s away, that we wish him a fantastic time with his friends.  He will have a grand time, I know.  Already, he’s looking forward to building a raft, one of the many activities that they will be doing while there.   I can’t wait to hear stories of his adventures when he comes back home!

Unicycle-(1) (Street performers at Ocean Park)


Tamar SB said...

What a wonderful experience! I bet he will have a blast. Our 5h graders go on their camp trip next week!

Dina Lettre said...

He will have so much fun!

barbara said...

What a wonderful experience! I'm looking forward for these moments with my girls!!

Kim said...

How fun for him! I'm sure he will have loads of stories! That image is cool, and I'd be scared to be laying on the bottom...just in case.

bettyl-NZ said...

I bet we could all do with some of his enthusiasm as he goes off on his adventure. I'm sure he will make some great memories.

CountryMouse said...

We used to get so excited about school camp as and now as adults holidays bring that same excitement. What a risky performance by those street performers.

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