26 November 2014


I don’t know how it’s happened, but I’ve become more zen lately. Things that normally would get me all worked up –I simply let slide these days.  I still occasionally get irritated with drivers who don’t use their blinkers to signal a turn (pet peeve), but on the whole, things that would generally bother me a lot don’t bother me as much (or at all!) anymore.  I am liking this new zen me a lot.  There is still plenty that I need to work on before I am truly zen, but I’m happy I’ve gotten to this place.

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HansHB said...

Beautiful photo!

Tamar SB said...

That's so great! Good for you.
You may never want to drive around Boston, no one used their blinker!

Dina Lettre said...

Need some of that to rub off on me, Mama!

Jill Harrison said...

this is certainly something I need to work on. Life is far to short to get caught up in unimportant stuff. I am trying. Note to self: become more Zen.
have a wonderful zen week.

Carmel said...

Lovely image...good for you keep on letting things slide over...best outcome.

Pieni Lintu said...

Those are cute, are those chilis?

barbara said...

I'm working on my zen side too... But I really have a lot of work to do!!! Beautiful picture!

CountryMouse said...

I good frame of mind ... I try not to let things get to me that I really don't need to.

Laila said...

Such a lovely colour on your photo,
Zen... Oh yes I need that too. ;-)
I wish this weekend will give you some calm for your soul ♥

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