05 December 2014


Zoë loves to draw.  She loves arts and crafts.  She told us that she wants to be an artist or an art teacher when she grows up.  I got her a little clear book and she’s steadily filling it up with her various drawings.

I’ve been wanting to sign her up for an art class, but I’ve yet to find one around here where I can be assured that the pieces that she will be bringing home will be ones that have been done by her, without any help from the teacher.  I mean, with instructions and pointers from the teacher, obviously, but not one where the teacher would apply her own brush to Zoë’s canvas. I have been to too many art jams at these places that offer art classes where the teachers do that.  The kids come away with amazing pieces of art, but one can’t really feel too proud of a piece that got so much “help” from someone else. Anyway, the search is still on.

In the meantime, Zoë has been going on YouTube and checking out tutorials on how to draw different stuff.  She found this one channel called DoodleDrawArt that apparently gives her step-by-step tutorials.  She would sit in front of the computer with her pens and paper and draw away… and come out with these ---


Just to give you an idea of how this channel has helped her, here is how her animals looked (last month) --


Definitely do check out DoodleDrawArt if you have a child who loves to draw.   The drawings are cute and simple and DoodleDrawArt gives clear instructions and pointers that children can easily follow.  What’s more, the kids come away with really nice drawings that they’d be proud of having done all by themselves.


Tamar SB said...

She is so talented!! These are precious and really great!

J Bonafilla said...

What super pictures. You've got a very talented young artist there. Very well done Zoë! All the best, Bonny

Kia said...

Really lovely! Brava, Zoë! :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful art. I think kids have a great way of seeing the world and expressing it.

tiarastantrums said...

I'm goign to check that out! I never thought to look at YouTube for some art instruction! Great idea!

Susan W said...

I think you have quite a developing artist here.

carol l mckenna said...

Love the sweet and colorful doodles!

Happy Weekend
artmusedog and carol

Nicki said...

My daughter started showing promise in her artistic inclination early so we grabbed every art computer game imaginable. Pretty much every piece of school work that came home had her own designed Pokemon character on it from doodling after she finished the work and waited until the next task. Even now she doodles as a 'release' and picked up a Disney princess drawing book this summer during our vacation. (she is 21) I think that as long as you provide the canvas (and raw resources), they will hone their own skill and style.

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