13 February 2015

Happy Friday

Today’s the last day of school before the Chinese New Year break starts.
One week of lazy mornings, just chilling with the kids,
play dates, sleepovers, and red laisee packets;
of greeting everyone we meet with a hearty kung hey fat choi (in Cantonese)
(or gong xi fa cai – in Mandarin);
of baking and eating cookies and cakes.
The kids are looking forward to it and so are we.



Tamar SB said...

Happy new year!!
We're off next week (even after the snow days, oy!)

Molly said...

Hope you have a lovely weekend


Pieni Lintu said...

Lovely shot!

Rebecca said...

It is so nice to see flowers. Happy New Year.

Amy Franks said...

beautiful flowers. we've just finished our new year's break here, kids went back to school last week.

Kim said...

Happy New Year! Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating.

Dotti said...

Happy New Year and enjoy the holiday time off!

J Bonafilla said...

Happy New Year! It sounds like a lovely week you've got ahead of you. All the best, Bonny

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