29 September 2015

Mid-autumn festival came and went and I’d totally forgotten about getting lanterns for the kids.  We didn’t even bother going downstairs that night.  Well, to be fair, we did entertain that thought for a minute, but then the cousins were online and J wanted to Skype with them. Z suggested that we simply turn off all the lights in the house so that she could have some fun with the glow sticks.  I was all for anything that would just keep us in the air-conditioned coolness and not be outside in the warmish, breezeless outdoors.

She connected the glow sticks, made different shapes, then started twirling and shaking them this way and that, making for some really cool effects.   This one below was made with one big giant loop of different glow sticks.  She held down one end with her foot and twisted it this way and that, creating an infinity symbol when it intersects in the middle. (The bottom bit is just the reflection of the light on our floor. Photo taken with my S6, unedited.)

22 September 2015

The weather has cooled down and I am hoping to do more hikes.  I started on my first one last week.  A short one.  Along a trail that has plenty of shade.  Maybe when I’ve worked up my stamina, I can take on some that are a bit more challenging. 

What one usually associates with Hong Kong are tall buildings, shopping, crowds, but actually “…out of the total 1,108 square kilometres of land, about three quarters is countryside.” (Source)  Because Hong Kong is quite compact, one of the things I appreciate about living here is how easy it is to get to most hiking trails (and there are plenty of them!). 

Looking forward to the me time, looking forward to some active walking, looking forward to discovering little spots of beauty.

Weed-(1) Taken with my Samsung S6 during my hike last week – a little weed by the path, struck just so by the sunlight filtering in through the trees.

16 September 2015

A Bit Overwhelmed

It’s been over a month since school started and we have, more or less, established routines.  That’s good.  Still, there are the ‘specials,’ like overnight camps, parent-teacher consultations, information nights, chess tournaments, orienteering meets, Outward Bound, Team Fear… You’d think that I’d be a pro at managing these by now, but I am getting a bit frazzled working these in between Cub Scout meetings, after-school activities, and home renovation.

Home renovation.  At least three months of living somewhere else while our place will be gutted, torn, and stripped.  On the one hand, I am excited, but boy, it’s also overwhelming.  Meeting with designers and contractors, getting all these ideas, praying and hoping that they keep to schedule, that they do a fantastic job.  Looking for short-term rentals.  Deciding on choices that we will have to literally live with.  Fun, but a kind of gritting-your-teeth kind of fun.

So.  I will try to post at the very least once a week for Wednesday Around the World, but beyond that, I might not be here much. I will still try to visit you guys as much as I can, though to keep up with your goings-on and to check out your lovely photos!


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09 September 2015

Sometimes I think that we’re all just like eggs. 
We come in different shades, but at the end of the day, we’re all the same.



08 September 2015

I ❤ Faces | Hard at Work

He must be at least in his 70’s.  His fingers are arthritic.  He actually owns this shop.  Yet every day, he stands for hours (especially during the lunchtime rush) in front of this steamer, churning out those rice noodle rolls (腸粉 | cheong fun) that people queue up for outside his humble corner shop.


Photo Challenge Winner - #1 Photographer

02 September 2015

Market, Market

I actually enjoy going to our local wet market.  Although it’s a lot more crowded than the supermarket, food is generally cheaper and fresher.  Ours had undergone a face lift and just opened again last weekend. 


After a trip to the post office, I decided to stop by and check it out.  I was amazed at the change.  It felt bigger mainly because of how they’ve utilized an open layout, as opposed to walled-up little kiosks.  The most striking change of all, though, was what they did with the floor.  Check it out --

2015-08-29 12.27.33
Aren’t the colorful floor tiles so cool?

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