07 September 2016

Blame It on the Rain

It's been a very wet few days here.  While I generally love the rain, it does make going out a tad inconvenient.  I love it when I'm comfortably dry at home while it rains outside. The rivulets of water that slide down the window panes, the steady shower that's like a hundred rain sticks being handled in one go, the smell of damp earth after a downpour (petrichor, it's called).

I don't particularly like it when I'm out and caught in the rain, though. I don't like having to carry an umbrella. I cringe at the feel of wet legs and feet.  But sometimes I am thankful for the rain despite the many inconveniences it brings. I am thankful for the opportunity to capture this image while on the bus the other day. I found the steady thrum of the rain on the bus somehow relaxing and was just mesmerized by the sheets of rainwater on the glass. I was marveling at how commonplace things briefly become pretty. Thank you, Rain.

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Tamar SB said...

I am totally with you - love it unless I am soaked and caught in it!
We've been so dry and finally had a short wet patch yesterday into today!

Anonymous said...

I hate getting stuck in the rain too! The wet feet, etc... But you did get an awesome shot!

Jill Harrison said...

I only just heard that word - petrichor - a few months ago. I have always loved that smell of rain on dry earth. It is raining here as I write. It's been a wild winter day. I've taken photos of rain on glass too. It makes interesting images like yours. Stay dry and enjoy the rest of your week.

barbara said...

I totally agree with you! And this image... I simply love it!! Beautiful!!

Molly said...

There is something about rain on windows that is rather beautiful. Not so keen when I have to be outside though


abrianna said...

Makes your photo look like a painting. We had plenty of rain here too last week.

Kreete said...

What a great capture! I do agree with your thoughts on rain and I havent owned an umbrella for several years now. I even managed a year in London without one! Thanks for linking up with #PhotoFriday

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