26 April 2017

We've been experiencing a bit of cooler weather this week. Not cold enough to get out the winter stuff again, but a definite respite from the heat and humidity.

Because rain had been forecast for the week, Z's Sports Day at school had to be postponed. My friend and I decided to go hiking instead. Instead of our usual trail, we opted for a shorter, more scenic one this time.  I love this trail (Leaping Dragon Trail, then onto Pottinger Peak, and ending up in Big Wave Bay), were it not for the steep climb at the beginning. 

Singwa - Wed, 26 Apr 2017
I've done this one quite a number of times before, but in the past, I'd be breathing heavily minutes into the hike and I would need to stop several times during the climb to catch my breath. This time, though, I kept waiting to feel out of breath during the climb, but surprised myself by not feeling labored at all.  All the laps around the track and all that walking in Singapore helped tremendously!

Now I'm even more motivated to keep this up.  When the weather gets unbearable to do laps around the track, I'll have to switch to the pool instead.  Go, me!

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18 April 2017

Well, hello!  Sorry for being missing in action last week.  We've been up to quite a bit since my last post.  Hubby had a business in Singapore and me and the kids tagged along.  We were pretty much on our own the whole time as Chris was really busy with work.

Singapore is very much like Hong Kong and it's not our first visit, so we felt very comfortable going around on our own.  We did a LOT of walking, averaging over 17,000 steps every day that we were there! 

There were a few things that I needed to get during our visit. Top of the list were these Irvin's salted egg chips. It took us four visits to the shop before we were finally get our hands on a couple of bags!  All the previous three times we were there, they were sold out. The following day, we decided to go as soon as we knew they would be open (at 10am) and even then, there was a long queue already.  

These chips are "dangerously addictive" (as it says in their packaging). In a way I'm kind of glad we don't have them here in HK yet or else it'll be too easy to get my hands on some and overindulge!

What do you think? Would you want to try them?

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05 April 2017

Scouting Fun

The kids were away at the District Scouts camp this weekend. Unfortunately for Z's troop, who left last Fri, it was pouring and super cold. They had to pitch their tents in the rain. Their night hike had to be cancelled.  Luckily, the weather cleared up and it was such a beautiful day on Sat, which was when J's troop arrived.  

Singwa - Wed, 05 Apr 2017

The grounds were still wet and muddy from the day before, but that didn't stop all the Grasshoppers, the Cubs, and the Scouts from getting on with all the activities planned for that day.  There were over 20 troops from all over Hong Kong. The Grasshoppers had their own activities.  The Cubs and Scouts from different districts were grouped into patrols to work together at different activity stations.  It was really great to see the older Scouts lead and mentor the younger Cubs.  There was a scavenger hunt; they caught bugs. They did first aid and learned different ways to get a fire going. They practiced a variety of knots and had fun running through an obstacle course (with some members of each patrol having certain handicaps to make it more challenging).  


The Cubs had a sponge fight. Additionally, the older Scouts went rock-climbing and were challenged on a high rope course, which, according to J, was the highlight of the camp, even though it was a bit scary.


I love that both J and Z enjoy scouting. Even though both are with different troops, there are occasional district-wide events where all scouts come together for different activities. They get to meet Cubs and Scouts from other troops and make new friends and learn from each other. How fun is that?

Were you a Scout growing up?

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