03 May 2017

w e d n e s d a y (again!)

It's a public holiday here today... Buddha's birthday.  Hong Kong used to celebrate the Queen's birthday, but after the handover of the territory back to China in 1997, Buddha's birthday has replaced the Queen's birthday as a public holiday.  I'm happy that they didn't simply do away with the holiday, but instead opted to replace it with a different one.  Haha, we love our public holidays!  (Hong Kong has a total of 17 public holidays in a year.) 

Do you have a lot of public holidays where you live?

Singwa - Wed, 3 May 2017

We went out for a hike.  It was hot, though not as hot as it could be in the summer, but hot nonetheless.  I love that we get to spend time (outdoors) as a family. I love that I get to do one of my favorite trails with them.  Most of all, I love that the kids are outside and away from screens.


Tamar SB said...

We have a fair amount of national holidays, then add in the Jewish Holy Days - who needs to work!

Kristy LifenReflection said...

Holidays are certainly well spent with family and outdoors!

elizabeth said...

My brother lived in Hong Kong for many years as a pilot for Cathay Pacific and British Airways. Mama was able to travel there and visit many times. Recently my oldest sister went on a tour through China. I've never been to that part of our world, but enjoy seeing it through your lens, as well as your sweet family!

Amy Franks said...

I'm not sure how many public holidays we have but we've just had school holidays, next up is Queen's birthday in June.

Molly said...

We have quite a few but no where near 17!


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