30 May 2017

w e d n e s d a y.... and word searches

What makes my bag big and heavy is that I tend to carry around a lot of what I call my "just in case" items.  Apart from the essentials (wallet, tissue packets, lipstick, pens, a scarf, etc.), I always have a water bottle .  I would also have my Moleskine for the jotting down notes and lists.  More often than not, there's also a book with me for those times when I have to wait for the kids or for when I take the bus.  Sometimes though, the book is a hardcover and is quite bulky and heavy, which can be a pain --literally! 

Then I discovered these pocket-size word search books and they're just perfect!  They're small, they're oh so pretty and they each have 100 word search puzzles.  I love word search puzzles; they're so addictive!

I get a few for myself and I got a couple for Zoe, too.  Some days, we just sit together quietly and do word searches, trading books when we get stuck, and get the other person to help look. 

What do you do to kill time while you wait around?

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Amy Franks said...

Such a good idea trading books to help each other out - have a good week :-)

Tamar SB said...

So fun! Love the fun covers.

Jeanna said...

Thank you for the link, they may be perfect for my mother. For me, I carry around an iPod Touch when I'm stuck somewhere.

Erica Sta said...

All of them are great!

Lydia C. Lee said...

I play on my phone - bad, bad me. I am trying to carry a book and read it tho. I waste too much time!

Jill Harrison said...

my son always takes word search books with him on holiday and my husband has recently taken up doing crosswords. I love the idea of these pocket size word search books and that you are happy to swap and share. Enjoy!

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