16 April 2018

Singapore in Black & White

Apologies for having been missing in action last week.  We went on a very last-minute trip to Singapore.  Hubby had a business trip there and the kiddies and I jumped at the chance to join him there.  We have been to Singapore a few times and it's always a fun (and may I add easy to get around and safe) place to explore alone with the kids while hubby's at work.  We decided that this trip is mainly an 'eating' trip --to try out local eats at hawker centers.  Apart from Z's request to go to Gardens by the Bay again, we also agreed to check out places we'd never gone to on past visits.

A "supertree" at Gardens by the Bay

Getting around, we mainly took the MRT.  I tell the kids where we're going and I get them to navigate and decide which line we should take and where we should get off.  They did rather well!  

We explored Little India and stopped by for lunch at the Tekka Centre where we had a great mutton biryani (for only SGD6 / USD4.6!) and a bunch of paratha with different types of curry sauces.  We all had either barley juice or fresh coconut juice to go with our food.  The entire meal was under USD9 --all our food + the drinks!

Somewhere in Little India

Z did some research on where she wanted to go prior to our visit and she had the ArtScience Museum on her list.  As it was in the same area, we went to the museum after our visit to the Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay.  Because we didn't have time to visit all three exhibits, we chose to do only Future World and Art from the StreetsFuture World was amazing, but could be more, I thought.  We came to the end of the exhibit and were thinking, "Was that it?"  Following from our art crawl from a couple of weeks back, we decided to check out the Art from the Streets exhibit and were not disappointed.  Really interesting curation.  

One of the Future World digital installations:  "Crows," a four-minute animation that was quite mesmerizing (but made me a bit dizzy!)

Of course no trip to Singapore is ever complete without stopping by Irvin's to get our stock of salted egg chips and T2, my tea haven (and heaven)!  I have stocked up on a year's worth of tea, I think.  But now that Z has taken a liking to some of my tea, I might have to re-stock sooner!

What's happening in your neck of the woods this April?


Tamar SB said...


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Amazing photos!

Molly said...

That first picture is amazing, it looks like an alien universe


Lydia C. Lee said...

I thought future world was last year? What am I thinking of? Anyway, I thought it looked fabulous but we missed it. Singapore looks lovely in Black and White!

elizabeth said...

What fun it is to see parts of the world I've never seen through your eyes!

Craft Candidate - Kahden talon väkeä said...

Wow, Singapore! Thanks for sharing! https://kahdentalonvakea.blogspot.fi/

Unknown said...

Love the pics! And glad to hear that the hawker centres are still good and cheap in Singapore! Yum! What are salted egg chips?!!

Sharon said...

The black and white is stunning! What a good idea for this subject!

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